1. What is our business management concept?
Based on the basic market requirement and with our more than 15 years experience in this field, Quanzhou Sanlian has consistently focused on providing the professional advice to our customers to purchase the block making machine and set up the factory, to seek the best solution;
And we also strive to make technological breakthrough and further improve the product development to try to meet our customers' different specific requirement and to meet the future different challenges!

2. What are the competitive advantages of our products compared with the similar products?
One of the key problems of our traditional block making machine is that it is too difficult to keep the de-molding balance because the de-molding system adopts the mobile de-molding. However, now we are using integrated de-molding, which is through the connection of four columns and the knockout plate to achieve a simultaneously operation, thus to avoid the gap friction, and it can guarantee the de-molding balance.

3. What have we done in the field of energy saving and environmental protection?
In order to achieve the energy and environmental protection, we have made two improvements in the following sides:
-- Lower the motor power, of course in the case of ensuring the high quality of our products;
-- Use some wastes as raw materials to achieve environmental protection and energy saving.

4. How to control the quality of spare parts which are provided by the other factory partner?
We have our professional staff of quality control to specially test and track the quality of spare parts.

5. What is the future plan of our company?
We have started to produce the environmental protection equipment to contribute to the environmental protection and energy saving.

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