Hollow Block Making Machine Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow Block Making Machine

Description of Hollow Block Making Machine(Brick Making Machine)
1. This hollow block making machine is widely used to produce all sizes of hollow blocks completely according to our customers' specific requirements.
2. Adopting automatic PLC controlling manufacturing technique;
3. Easy operation;
4. Many foreign languages can be set on the Man-Machine interface;
5. Its easy communication between Man and Machine realizes a kind of program management.
6. Equipped with a Digital Control Panel:
-- It is a new electrical control and fault diagnostic system:
-- The operator can monitor and control machine operations;
-- The touch screen display can set the machine to the desired operating sequence;
-- Pre-vibration times, final vibration time and the number of tamps are changed automatically;
-- If the machine stops, the screen display will show where the stoppage has occurred and also the description of the fault.

Features of Hollow Block Making Machine
1. Multi-functional:
-- It can produce different sizes of blocks by changing moulds;
-- Environmental protection and energy saving: some waste materials can be used as raw materials to produce blocks;
2. Forming blocks by automatic material charging can increase the finished products' strength and density.
3. Many type of model block machine for your choice based on your capacity requirement.

Technical Parameters of Hollow Block Making Machine
Excitation Force: 100 KN
Vibration Frequency: 4000 times / minute
Shaping Cycle: 15-20 seconds

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